ANZU FUWA ​ My dyeing artworks in which characters were used as design motifs have been created from 2011. Until then my works had been created by the batik technique based on the motifs of animals, plants and scenery. The Great East Japan Earthquake occurred in 2011 had a great influence on my artworks since then. Though I could not have been finding hope to my creative activity in the feelings of anxiety, despair and guilty, I came to find hope in the artwork on characters. I think recognizing characters as design components will open up new possibilities. New unique shapes of characters which loose the means of communication from person to person can reformulate their meaning and will create a new story. Brilliant colors which are evoked spontaneously from my mind are originated in seasonal changes in the scenery and colors of sky and ocean in small fishing village where I was grown up. Free and bold composition by overlapped dyeing of batik technique and beautiful and brilliant colors give new story to the shapes of characters.

房號:1803 <策展>金沢 KOGEI I

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