Betsabeé Romero

She was born in Mexico D.F. in 1963, where she lives and works currently.

Betsabée Romero is a multidisciplinary artist whose artistic language comprises installations, art objects, interventions and videos. Her style blends contemporary art with popular art. Her artworks focus on social issues such as migration, the genre roles, Mexican traditions, religion and miscegenation. In order to achieve this, she uses and modifies objects of daily consumption such as tyres, chewing gum, cars, etc. Her pieces, installations and interventions are a reflexion about the contradictions of modernity.

She has taken part in more than 20 biennials and has carried out more than 40 solo exhibitions in Mexico and in many museums and places around the world such as at the British Museum, or at Colegio San Ildefonso, at Mueso Arte Carrillo Gil, at Unisa University in South Africa and at Recoleta in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Besides, she has participated in many group exhibitions. All her international career has turned her into one of the most important representatives of Latin American art in the XXI century.

Betsabée’s artworks, apart from being part of many private international collections, they are present at public collections such as the British Museum, the American Museum of Contemporary Art in Houston, El Museo del Barrio in New York or the Museum of Contemporary Art in Ohio.


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