Idaira del Castillo

Idaira del Castillo is a Spanish artist from Canary Islands, where she lives and works.

She graduated in Fine Arts for The University of La Laguna in Canary Islands and has a master’s degree in stage design for the Complutense University in Madrid, Spain.

She has been awarded with the Manolo Millares Fine Arts Award in 2008 and the 25ft 2011 Award from The Government of Canary Islands.

With her works, she tries to show, through a personal view, the world that surrounds her. Events that concern her directly, daily life situations, her social surroundings, social and environmental problems, perceptions that are faded away in a subjective world.

Her works can be either very big or very small, sometimes her paintings and drawings are as big as curtains and sometimes as small as postcards. But her work can also be seen as an installation or a performance where the procedure itself is more important that the final result.

As a narrator and a spectator of the world, she translates the exterior with an inner language in order to create another thing, which is the product of this inner dialogue, where everything is interwoven. The real world merges into the collective imagination to afterwards give back a critical view which tries to catch the attention of the receptor and establish a dialogue that takes him or her somewhere else.


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