In 2003, Ronel Jordaan®, having been a textile designer for 26 years, began researching the possibilities of using felt as a creative medium.

Ronel Jordaan是一位南非已經擔任26年的紡織品藝術創作者,從2003年開始研究使用毛氈作為創意媒介的可能性。

Entirely self taught and following her own creative instincts, she began to turn fine gossamer thread into robust felted forms.

By patiently rubbing and coaxing threads of pure wool into shapes in nature that inspire her, she found her direction and started her creative path.

完全自學成才,並遵循自己的創造本能,她將純羊毛耐心清潔、疏理、揉捏成線、再揉和成各種栩栩如生的大自然羊毛氈作品。 在這個過程中,她找到了自我的方向, 開始了她創作的道路。

Consistent with being inspired by nature, the Ronel Jordaan® label is equally harmonious with nature; processes implemented in the workshop are all ecofriendly.

不斷的恩受大自然的靈感啟發,Ronel Jordaan™ 訴求天然及有機,並致力於在製作過程中把不必要的耗損,減至最低,冀望與生態環境和諧共處

In a conscious effort to alleviate unemployment among woman living in the city townships, the studio is dedicated to transference of skills.

Ronel Jordaan也希望為非洲女性長期處於就業不公的狀況能有拋磚引玉的效果,工作室培訓了失業婦女來幫助她完成作品,致力於技藝的傳承。

Recognized for their originality and design uniqueness, her creations found an immediate market.


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